5 Tips For Wedding-Day Picture Perfection

In our selfie-obsessed world there lies a dirty little secret – most of us hate to have our picture taken.

Caught at the wrong angle or in less than ideal light, well, let’s just thank Instagram and Facebook for enabling a fleeting moment to be captured (and worse widely broadcasted) for digital eternity.


No need to shutter in fear, whether your wedding has its own hashtag or is an unplugged soiree, we have rounded up our five favorite tips to ensure your wedding photos turn out fabulous!

  1. Forget the Cheese

The difference between a good and great photo often has little to do with the beauty of the subject (though I’m certain you will look amazing on your wedding day) and much more to do with the expression of true emotion. The good news is, weddings are full of emotional moments and if you can allow yourself to be present, your photographer will likely have an easy time capturing them. Even if you are not immediately comfortable in front of the lens, the best trick is to stay connected with your feelings.

Are you overcome with emotion? Show it.

Are you overwhelmed with joy? Go with it.

The less conscious you are of the camera, the more your mind and by extension your face and your smile will be at ease. Simply put, stop worrying about smiling on cue or being posed, just go with it and feel all the feels, for real.


  1. Drink Water

You have likely heard this one before, but there’s a reason why it’s the called the “fountain” of youth and not the “desert.” Water is a nurturing ingredient not only for a healthy internal body but also for glowing skin. Even if you do not get the most restful sleep the night before your wedding, skin naturally awakens when hydrated.

Hydrated skin makes for a healthy base and canvas for your wedding day look to be applied. Get in the habit today of adding water to your routine and your body will be most grateful and will glow from within. No photo correcting tool can compete with the power of water.

And practically speaking, if mimosas are part of your getting wedding ready plan, sip water intermittently, to help you stay on track for all the day has in store for you.


  1. Don’t Forget To Eat


Since we just covered hydration in the prior tip, now let’s talk about nourishment. Yes, even for photo’s it is critical to have sustained energy and moderation of mood. If you don’t think you will remember to eat, task one of your bridesmaids or your mom to be on snack patrol. A morsel here and there will surely stave off hunger and hangry. And let’s face it, hangry is not a good look in any photo.

Pssstt…Here’s a complete guide on how to eat the day of your wedding so you can ensure you look and feel great the entire day!


  1. Practice Makes Perfect

If your discomfort with the camera is rooted in poor snapshots of past, take the time to assess and review them. The purpose of this task is not to torture you, but to have you take a critical eye to discern what it is you don’t love about them so you can correct them. Maybe they were all taken from the same angle and that angle just does not look well on you. Perhaps you are standing in an unnatural way or are in a forced expression. Diagnose and then course correct accordingly.

Another helpful suggestion is to bring these images to your photographer and discuss what you would prefer to avoid. Practice sessions with your photographer such as engagement photos may also help to ease your mind and get you be better acquainted with being in front of the lens.


  1. Relax!

To the greatest extent possible, do try to forget your dread of the camera. As the bride, you will inevitably be the center of attention on your wedding day and be prepared for many of your guests to ask for a photo with you.

Simply embrace these moments as everyone really does love a photo of a beautiful bride.  While you and a smile as your loved ones seek to capture their own memory of your wedding day.



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