Silhouettes to Sizzle In: How to Choose a Dress That Complements Your Body Type

Choosing the right wedding dress literally is a science.

It turns out that a combination of factors, such as your body type, size, desired look and feel all influence the dress that will help you shine as brightly as can be on your special day.

In this article, we’ll provide you with specific feedback to help you choose the best dress for you based on your body type. Please remember: ALL body types are beautiful and you’re going to look gorgeous in any dress you choose. The purpose of this article is to simply give you a starting point towards styles and cuts to consider.


Apple Body Types

The first step to choosing your dream dress is to understand your figure. You fall into the “apple” category is you have broad shoulders, a large and full bust, and a wider middle. Your arms and legs tend to be smaller and your bottom tends to be flat.

The key to looking sexy and feeling confident in your wedding dress is to choose one that cinches your waist and creates curves. A-line silhouettes are universally flattering and they have a fit and flare quality to them, so they don’t cling or end up overly fitted on your form.

A dress with a deep V-neck pulls the eye upward and puts emphasis on your bust (and less on your waist). Get the best of both worlds and choose an A-line silhouette with a deep v-neck! You may even be interested in choosing a shorter style, so you can show off your legs.

You may also be interested in checking out a ball gown. These styles tend to be ultra-fitted in the bust and have a wide, belted waist. The bottom ends up being full and poufy, making you look like a ballerina. You get that beautiful bell shape and end up with a shapely silhouette.


Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape, you tend to be bigger on the bottom and smaller on the top. The key to finding the perfect wedding dress is all about balance.

Consider checking out empire waist dresses.


They cinch at your bust and drape gracefully down your form. There’s no clinging and you get the balance that your form needs, while the eye is drawn upward toward your décolletage.

Fit and flare dresses are also ideal because they show off your slim shoulders and arms, they highlight your small waist, yet the gown flares out over your hips and thighs.

Pear-shaped figures may also be interested in wrap style dresses. It’s slimming, lightweight, and it gives your body the balance it needs. Plus, a deep V neck is oh so sexy!

Shift dresses are also a great match for a pear-shaped figure because they tend to be loser fitting – especially at your hips. Just be sure you choose a fitted, halter style top so the main emphasis falls on your shoulders and arms.


Banana Shape

Sticking with fruit as a theme, we’re characterizing brides who are long and lean as banana-shaped. In this case, you may lack prominent curves and tend to have a small bust. What you want to do is find a dress that adds volume, creates those curves, yet also emphasizes the length of your body (especially at your torso) and your long, slender legs.

Mermaid dresses may be your perfect fit! These structured silhouettes add the shape and curves your body is lacking. They also tend to be very unforgiving, which bodes well for your slim, sexy physique.

You may also love mini dresses. Just imagine a long-sleeved gown, fully beaded and sequined, with a boat neck and micro-mini hemline. You’ll have legs for days and the embellishments will add texture and fullness to your figure.

A fitted asymmetric shoulder strap also helps add volume at the bust and will make a long and lean form stand out. Avoid any kind of detailing around your waist. Instead, look for something that is structured so that the lines of your body get “created” rather than conformed. For a banana shape gal, the material is everything. Go thick and stay away from thin satins and silks.


A Final Note

Your dream dress is out there, and you’re sure to find it.

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