3 Reasons To Join The Top-Secret Fit Bride Tribe!

Imagine what it would feel like if you had an entire bridal party who knew exactly what you were going through as you prepare for your wedding…

A group of like-minded women experiencing the same wedding-planning stress, anxiety over finding the perfect dress, and uncertainty about making exercise a high-priority while trying to juggle one-hundred other things. A tribe of women, who, like you, care deeply about their health and wellness, and do everything they can to eat well, stay active, and take care of themselves, even when life gets a little hectic.

That would certainly make planning for a wedding a heck of a lot easier!

That’s why we created the Fit Bride Tribe – to bring like-minded brides-to-be passionate about their health and fitness together to unite and help one another look and feel their best on their special day!


What is the Fit Bride Tribe?


The Fit Bride Tribe is a sisterhood of brides-to-be dedicated to providing not only diet and fitness information but also a safe space to talk wedding stress (we know how you feel!) and how to make planning your wedding an enjoyable experience.

We talk self-care, health, and wellness, and put your well-being at the forefront of every article we write and topic we discuss!

Oh, and we get crazily excited talking about your wedding.

So, why exactly should you join the Fit Bride Tribe?


We Understand Your Challenges


We know exactly what you’re going through.


Our entire Fit In Your Dress team is preparing for their respective weddings and we are all on the same wavelength in terms of wanting to look and feel our best for the big day.

We know the stress and anxiety associated with finding a venue, choosing a DJ, deciding on flowers, and most importantly, selecting a dress that you look and feel your best in, all while trying to manage the appropriate diet and exercise to do just that!

Been there, doing that!

You’ll see that first-hand in the content we share and conversations we kick-off!


We Think Long-Term


So many women resort to insane starvation diets right before their wedding to look thin in their dress…

This is not only crazy, but unnecessary, unhealthy, and unsustainable, too!

We don’t want that to be you.

That’s why our diet and fitness education and discussions center around sustainability and moderation – we want you to look and feel your best as you walk down the aisle, but also for the many years to come!



We Know Diet and Fitness


The Fit Bride Tribe was created by women who eat, sleep, and breath optimal health and well-being. They’ve learned how to prioritize fueling themselves and taking care of their bodies throughout even the most challenging times – like planning a wedding – and have so many valuable tidbits to address any potential obstacle you’re facing.

Plus, our team includes Registered Dietitian Paul Salter, who has vast experience in the diet and fitness industry, including serving as the Nutrition Editor for Bodybuilding.com, as a Sports Nutrition Consultant for Renaissance Periodization, and being featured on such sites as TheKnot, Women’s Health, Pop Sugar, Well and Good, Daily Mail, and more! The past few years, he’s helped hundreds of women just like you transform their lives and lose thousands of pounds of body fat.

So, trust us when we say we know diet and fitness.


We’re Here for You Every Step of the Way



Anytime you need us simply log on to Facebook and jump into a group discussion and we promise that our conversation, support, and passion will educate and inspire you to prioritize your own health and well-being as you prepare for your special day.

Together, through consistent positivity, encouragement, and talking about all things diet, fitness, health, and wellness, we’ve cultivated a kick-ass community that you may soon begin referring to as your virtual bridal party.

To join the Fit Bride Tribe, visit www.jointhefitbridetribe.com!

We look forward to seeing you become your fittest and healthiest self!



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