What We Value At Fit In Your Dress

To better connect and engage with you, we feel it’s important to be transparent with you and to share our values, mission, and vision.

Below, you’ll find further elaborate on our five core values and what they mean to us:

  1. Integrity
  2. Joy
  3. Learning
  4. Service
  5. Family


We are committed to doing the “right” thing and always putting you and your short and long-term health at the top of the list…even if that means suggesting you stop dieting or do not diet right now.

It’s not uncommon to have brides reach out to us requesting nutrition assistance and then come to find out they’ve been restricting calories for three or more months already. Although the bride may still feel as if she needs to lose weight, we don’t recommend continuing with calorie restriction. Instead, we recommend transitioning to a post-dieting maintenance phase, which will enhance short and long-term health and progress.

Understandably so, many brides are beyond frustrated to hear this. But for those who put their trust in us, such as Morgan or Kaila, they learn just how valuable the post-diet maintenance phase is and how impactful it is when it comes to long-term sustainability and weight maintenance.


We believe that it’s impossible to smile too much in a single day and that if you don’t laugh at least 10 times per day, you need to surround yourself with more positive people. Although we know dieting, the number you see on the scale, and preparing for a wedding can be an emotional and stressful time, we aim to bring a little humor to your day each time you stop by…even if you’re laughing at us.

If you haven’t already, you’ll notice quite a few puns and jokes scattered throughout our writing and social media posts. Enjoy!


We believe that we are failing our value of integrity if we’re not constantly striving to improve our own knowledge to best help you. We seek out the latest research and sift through the timely fads and nonsense to deliver you valuable and effective information.

We at Fit In Your Dress prioritize staying up to date with the latest changes in the fields of nutrition and exercise. We also stay well-versed in health and fitness industry trends so we can provide you with a trustworthy opinion on them to help you make a well-informed decision.


We are here for you. We know how stressful planning a wedding is and we know how desperately you want to look and feel your best on this wonderful occasion. We are here to make sure the nutrition and exercise piece of this puzzle are taken care of in a stress-free and easy-to-understand manner.

We will always put you first.

We will always prioritize listening to you before speaking.

We value your opinion and want to learn how we can continue to improve to best serve you. Don’t hesitate to let us know!


We will show you the same love and support you’d expect to receive and show a beloved family member. We will support, encourage, and be here for you every step of the way on your journey.

If you haven’t already, make sure you join the Fit Bride Tribe, which is a sisterhood of brides-to-be dedicated to providing not only diet and fitness information but also a safe space to talk wedding stress (we know how you feel!) and how to make planning your wedding an enjoyable experience. We talk self-care, health, and wellness, and put your well-being at the forefront of every article we write and topic we discuss!


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