How Drinking More Water Helps You Lose More Weight!

We’ve all experienced it.

Sometimes at the most random times and sometimes all the time.

And when you experience it you know exactly what it is.

Because it takes any energy and effort you were delegating elsewhere and places it here instead…


Hunger is inevitable when trying to lose weight for your wedding.

But being hungry is the leading reason so many wedding weight-loss attempts fail.

And with your wedding right around the corner, every slip-up, cheat meal, or off-day related to hunger sends you a few steps back at a time you cannot afford to move anything but forward.

Fortunately, there’s a simple strategy you can employ to better manage hunger and enhance the likelihood of consistency on your diet: drinking more water.

How Drinking More Water Fights Hunger

Hunger-fighting begins in the stomach.

The stomach is unique in that it can communicate directly with the hunger control center in your brain. It’s able to provide immediate feedback based on its environment to influence whether hunger or satiety signals are sent to the brain.

The stomach accomplishes such an amazing feat through the use of stretch receptors, which are nerve endings lining the stomach wall. When these stretch receptors are stimulated – which occurs when the stomach walls are stretched due to incoming food or fluid – they send signals to the brain to shut down any further hunger signaling.

Conversely, if your stomach is a barren wasteland then hunger signals are sent to your brain instead.

When trying to lose weight for your wedding, experiencing hunger is inevitable, meaning you’ll spend plenty of time with a stomach void of any food. Fortunately, turning to water can simulate the same stretch that food does, thus, resulting in satiety signals being sent to the brain. And even better, water is calorie free!

How To Hydrate To Blunt Hunger

Rather than sipping on water, it’s important that you take a few large gulps frequently. Similar to how you like to drink your win after a long day at the office… 🍷

The advantage of a series of large gulps is the fluid overload presented to your stomach, which forces it to stretch, nerve endings to be stimulated, and satiety signals to be sent to the brain.

Casual sipping does not have nearly the same effect.

At Meals: Before AND after each meal, drink 12 – 16 ounces of water. This will enhance the amount of volume in your stomach and work to stretch it out as much as possible, thus enabling you to feel physically full for the next few hours.

Between Meals: When hunger hits between meals, turn to another 12 – 16 ounces of water. This will stimulate the stretch receptors and help you experience satiety and remove the hungry thoughts from your brain.

Throughout the Day: You should be consistently hydrating throughout the day. This will help to minimize the likelihood of any major hunger pang hitting. Aim to drink at least 75 percent of your body weight in ounces each day (this includes all fluid sources)

Do I have to just drink water? No! But you should be drinking calorie-free fluids. Other great options to consider include coffee, tea, diet soda, carbonated, flavored water.  Each of these actually provides a further positive impact on appetite management!

Our personalized wedding weight-loss nutrition plans include individualized hydration recommendations…as well as precise portion prescriptions for lean proteins, high-fiber carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vegetables tailored to your goals and schedule! Get started today to looks and feel your best on your special day!



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