How To Cope With 3 Major Sources Of Wedding Stress!

Congratulations! If you are reading this it probably means you said “yes” and are wading through a milelong wedding planning checklist or are busy navigating between multiple to-do lists.

Do you find it hard to believe that there was a time that you thought wedding planning was going to be fun and easy?

Have you secretly wished you and your fiancé could just run off and elope or just skip right over the whole wedding part and land straight in your honeymoon?

If these thoughts sound vaguely familiar, then your wedding planning may be causing you unnecessary and unhealthy stress.

Continue reading below for some of the top triggers of wedding planning stress and some helpful tips on how to cope, get back on track, and even enjoy the process again.

Weddings Are Expensive

Have you dreamt about a 12-piece band but can only really afford to have a single violin?

Do you love your printed invitations but regret not hiring a calligrapher?

Do you have champagne tastes but are on a beer budget?

Do you dread using the “W” word for fear that vendors are tacking on extra? 

It’s different for every couple, but rest assured that no matter what your wedding size or style, it’s normal to be overwhelmed by the number of expenses that can quickly add up when planning a celebration.

How to Deal: Have a clear view of your overall wedding budget and be sure to have an open discussion about finances with your partner or whomever is footing the expenses. Work together to build a list of your “must haves” versus your “would like to haves” and prioritize together where or when it’s necessary to cut or compromise.

Keep your wedding in perspective and evaluate accordingly. Is it more important to invite a few extra cousins or to have a certain type of cloths on the tables of your reception?

Remember to take the long-term view as your nuptials will last longer than your guest’s memory of your reception.

Weddings Are Consuming And Emotional

Your Mom is driving you nuts.

Your future sister-in-law is making you crazy.

Your bridesmaids are falling short of expectations.

And your fiancé has banned any more talk about weddings Monday through Wednesday.

You may be focusing too much time and energy on the details of your wedding planning and not enough time nurturing the relationships you have with your loved ones.

How To Deal: Whether you have or have not gone total Bridezilla, do try to keep in perspective that although your wedding day is likely the most important day of your life so far, it’s likely that the same does not hold true for your friends and family.

Perhaps it’s time to take mom out to brunch or to invite your maid of honor on a run or walk, rather than another trip to the bridal salon.

And give yourself a break too, remember to get back to doing the things that you enjoyed and filled your time before you started planning your wedding.

Yoga, Anyone?

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Weddings Are The Real Thing

Lately, you feel terrorized by your fiancé’s habits. The things that you once took as cute quirks (never closing the cabinet doors, leaving a trail of crumbs, the sound of a cough) have transformed into endless annoyances.

Are you beginning to wonder if you have signed up for an eternity of this?

How To Deal: There’s no way around it, getting married is a huge commitment. It’s a public pronouncement and declaration of your devotion to another human being. It’s OK if you’re starting to take note of little things – take this as a sign that you are entering your marriage with eyes wide open and with full heart to another.

Take some time for self-reflection and introspection. It’s hard to have clarity when your mind has been overwhelmed by a barrage of wedding planning details. With some clarity, you may just realize that the sound that your totally cute pink bunny slippers make as you shuffle across the floor every morning, drives him batty, too…


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