5 Reasons Why You Should Find An At Home Work Out Program While Planning A Wedding!

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is a full-time job.

Couple that with the full-time job that actually pays you and you’ll quickly see there is virtually no time left in the day for anything else except sleep, which is also taking a hit.

It’s also no secret that you want to look and feel your best on your special day and that consistent exercise is a must to make this happen.

We aren’t here to grant you an extra hour every day (you’d probably use that to peruse Pinterest anyway), but we are here to share with you how working out at home can save you time and money while helping to achieve the wedding-day physique you always dreamed of.

Here are five reasons why you should consider staying at home to get your fitness in, rather than stepping out.

Reason 1: You Save So Much Time!

The Potential Time Cost Of Going To The Gym…

  • 30-minute round-trip commute (or longer)
  • 10minutes of catching up with gym friends
  • 5 minutes of waiting on the machine(s) you need

That’s almost an hour of your day that could be better spent conversing with caterers or taking care of another item on your wedding planning to-do list! Working out at home will give you time and your life back – what more could you ask for at a time when you may feel like your head is just barely above water!

Reason #2: You’ll Save Money!

The Potential Financial Cost Of Going To The Gym…

  • $30 – 100+ per month
  • $30 – 100+ per personal training session

Joining a gym can be expensive.

Especially if you want to participate in all of their amenities, such as group fitness classes, pool access, and tanning discounts. And it’s not like this cost is a one-time fee, rather, an ongoing monthly cost until you shut it off otherwise.

Working out at home, however, can be dirt cheap, yet, darn effective!

Truth be told, you only need a good attitude to get a great workout in – no fancy equipment or machines. But if you want to add a bit more zing and fun, a minimal investment in something like a dumbbell or kettlebell – which is all you need when completing the At-Home 90-Day Bridal Body Bootcamp Workout Plan – won’t break the bank (you are planning a wedding after all) and won’t take up your entire living area or garage.


Reason #3: You Can Multi-Task

Working out at home isn’t an excuse to let the intensity or discipline in your workouts fall by the wayside.

This means you should be giving it your all and still staying strict with rest breaks. But, hey, instead of pacing the gym or scrolling through Instagram if you were at the gym while resting between sets, you can now unload the dishwasher, review your daily to-dos in your Fit Bride Planner, or put another load of laundry in!

Be careful, though: that load of laundry may require and additional 30 seconds of rest!

Working out at home gives you more time back because you’re able to multi-task between sets.  Small, random tasks that would typically be set aside for 9:00pm after a long work day and evening workout – let’s be honest, they’re not getting done any time soon – are finally completed instead of left to continuously guilt you throughout the week.


Reason #4: You Make The Rules

  • Listen to what you want.
  • Watch what you want.
  • Wear what you want.
  • Do what you want.

In your gym, you make the rules. This means you’re in full control of the music and TV channel and if you want to work out in compression shorts and a sports bra, then you can! There’s no one to tell you otherwise (maybe you should give your significant other a heads up when you’re planning to workout) or to make you feel uncomfortable should you decide to skimp on workout attire.

And when you make the rules, you’ll feel comfortable and confident, the latter of which is essential to having a great workout!

Reason #5: You Have 24-7 Access

Not in the mood for a tonight’s 7:00pm BodyPump class? Work out as soon as you get home from work instead.

Is your local gym closed on Sundays?  Well, your home suite isn’t – don’t let the day of the week hold you back from your wedding bod goals!

Working full-time and managing to plan a wedding will likely lead to long nights and an unpredictable schedule. Fortunately, working out at home will allow you to be flexible and make it easy to adapt so you don’t miss a workout. Trying to fit your schedule around that of the gym will prove to be ineffective and likely lead to quite a few missed workouts, which is less than ideal as you try to look and feel your best on your special day.

The Best Solution

With that being said, working out at home is always an option, and in nearly all cases; is the best option.

And if you’re in need of an effective plan that will specifically focus on the areas your dress hugs and exposes, and a routine that will take up less than four hours of your time each week, then we cannot recommend the At-Home 90-Day Bridal Body Bootcamp Workout Plan enough!


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