4 Tips To Jumpstart Wedding Weight Loss!

If you want to look and feel your best in your wedding dress on your special day and in your bikini the day after on your honeymoon, but are not entirely sure how to get started to hit your goals, you’ve come to the right place.

We asked our Fit In Your Dress – Brides experts for some of their favorite get-started fitness and wellness tips that can help jumpstart any bride on their journey to looking and feeling their best on their special day.


Swap Junk Food For Whole Foods

Processed foods, while easy to grab and go, are packed with sugar and a slew of ingredients that you likely cannot pronounce. Although these options may satisfy your craving or hunger in that moment, they are actually the cause of future cravings…

When you consume a sugary snack, you experience a surge in blood sugar. In turn, your body works hard to bring blood sugar levels back down to normal levels by matching with a surge in insulin production (insulin is the hormone responsible for distributing this sugar to storage to bring your blood glucose levels back within normal limits).

However, this surge in insulin production is often an overcompensation, thus, too much blood sugar is removed from the blood. This leads to you feeling fatigued and hungry…what better way to fix these feelings than with another fast-digesting, sugary snack! By now, you can see how this becomes a vicious cycle that leads to hundreds of excess calories being consumed throughout the day.

Not an ideal approach to lose weight for your wedding!

Convenient, on-the-go, snacks that will provide long-lasting energy and help you to better manage your hunger and cravings include fresh fruit and vegetables, oats, popcorn (minus a ton of butter), nuts, seeds, string cheese, and Greek yogurt.


Spice Up Your Workout Routine

One of the best ways to stay motivated and to stave off workout boredom is to keep your workouts fun and appealing. Variation in your routine not only keeps you mentally engaged but it also challenges your body to get stronger by facing the unexpected.

If you’ve experienced workout burnout in the past, consider completing multiple workout styles each week – such as CrossFit, Bodypump, and yoga – or consider incorporating new exercises or new pieces of equipment to spice it up.

Tired of the treadmill? Try the stairclimber.

Sick of sprints? Why not use the battle ropes or complete a fat-burning circuit?

Don’t want to have to think about what to do and how many sets and repetitions to complete? Try the 90-Day Bridal Body Bootcamp, which consists of four, 45-minute workouts per week that can be done right at home!


Drink More Water

If you are a member of our Fit Bride Tribe or regular reader of our blog, then this one will certainly sound familiar. We love our water and upping your intake is one of the easiest and most effective ways to jumpstart your way to a healthier you.

We recommend drinking 75 percent of your body weight (pounds) in ounces each day to keep you hydrated and your body functioning at its best. Don’t worry if you’re nowhere close to this goal yet! To start working towards this goal, begin by logging your total daily fluid intake and observe where you’re starting point is. From there, work on adding 15 ounces per day each week until you’ve hit your goal.

And easy (and wildly beneficial) way to up your hydration each day is to focus on consuming 12 – 16 ounces of fluid immediately before AND after each meal. This will send your daily total skyrocketing and also crush any hunger or cravings.

One of our favorite drink more water hacks is to add a wedge of lemon or a few slices of citrus to keep it refreshing and to amp up the flavor. But don’t feel like water is your only choice – coffee, tea, diet soda, and other calorie-free alternatives work great!


Try Daily Meditation 

Whether you are having an intimate wedding for 20 or a lavish affair for 200, universally planning a wedding is a source of stress. It would be unrealistic to say just take it in stride or to simply roll with it, especially if you are balancing work or school or any other form of life duties. A little meditation or mindfulness can go along way to help re-center or bring you some calm amid having to do it all.

It’s like a mini vacation and a way to break from your immediate surroundings, without having to board a plane. A quick google search will net you several options to get started with a formal practice and helpful guidelines to get started. Best of all, mindfulness and meditation can be done just about anywhere- your car, your office, while planning your seating chart- and will go along way in your pursuit of personal wellness.

Our Top Choice: Download the FREE mobile app Headspace and use their 10 free guided meditations.




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