3 Reasons Every Bride Should Use A Wedding And Fitness Planner

Congratulations! You said “yes!”

Now the only thing that separates you from saying “I do” is finding a venue.

And setting a date.

And finding a caterer.

And choosing music.

And picking flowers.

And only a few more dozen tasks.

But hey, you’re getting married! Let’s celebrate that.

We could all use a little organization and prioritization to get more done. But when trying to plan a wedding, a tool that empowers you to do both to work at 150% of your normal productivity becomes essential. Read on to learn why every bride should use a wedding and fitness planner!


Daily Health And Fitness Planning At Your Fingertips

A work out planner – such as the Fit Bride Wedding and Fitness Planner – holds you accountable in both the kitchen and the gym. With a specific section dedicated to planning (and checking off that you completed) your workout, you’re far more likely to make your workouts each day. Plus, each day offers an opportunity to log your food intake (or even to plan ahead), and to then assess your compliance with a simple emoji to learn how you can improve for the next day, or simply keep doin’ your thang!

The thought of logging your workouts and nutrition may sound monotonous – we understand you! But this visual and the daily repetition will have an invaluable, inspirational impact on your consistency, which we both know is necessary to look and feel your best on your special day!

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Easy Vendor Management

Your brain is going to be frazzled with cake flavors, wedding favors, honeymoon flight bookings, and picking out those perfect songs to saunter into your reception to.

The last thing you want to do is forget to send in a payment to your caterer, reception facility, florist, or even band.

If you’re on a payment plan, always jot down when you need to make those payments so you can stay on top of everything financially; and spend the rest of your time thinking about looking and feeling fabulous. Fortunately, a planner offers an opportunity to plan ahead and to prioritize daily to-dos so you never miss a beat…or payment!


Never Miss A Fitting

Incredibly crucial – dress fittings need to be included in your planner.

Not only is it important to know the date and time well in advance, but seeing those big days pop up in your planner will serve as a continuous source of motivation to help keep you on track.  Plus, some companies or independent seamstresses need more time than you’d think. As soon as you select your dress, whip your planner out and start scheduling those fittings far in advance!


Where To Go From Here

Planning and wedding and working out can get pretty overwhelming but relax because you’re a smart cookie. By utilizing a dual purpose planner, you’re sure to look like a knock out in your dress and have every detail on lockdown before you head down the aisle.

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