3 Lunge Variations To Get Wedding-Ready Legs!

Whether your dress is nice and snug or wavy and never-ending, feeling great about your legs is going to provide you with an unmatchable level of confidence and feeling of sexiness that you deserve as you walk down the aisle. If you consider your legs a “trouble spot,” then you need to add these three lunge variations to your weekly exercise routine!

Stationary Reverse Single-Leg Lunge

If you’re familiar with a standard lunge, then you probably have experienced (or at least heard about the increased risk for) knee pain. It’s common to allow your knee to move past your toe when stepping into a forward lunge. Not only does this increase the risk of knee pain – no thank you – but it also lessens the amount of work the glutes and hamstrings need to do. And last time I checked, you were lunging for your behind.

So, why not literally lunge behind you?

Enter the reverse lunge.

Rather than stepping forward, you’ll simply step back to complete a lunge motion. A reverse lunge all but removes the likelihood of pushing your front knee beyond your toe (bye-bye knee pain risk) and forces your glutes and hamstrings to be more involved in the exercise.

Think of the reverse lunch as a safer, more effective, butt-building lunge variation.

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Single-Leg Lateral Lunge

This simple variation has you stepping to your left or right to complete a lunge motion rather than forward or behind. By stepping to the side, you now involve two more significant muscle groups: your abductors and adductors.

When stepping and lunging to your right, for instance, your abductors (located on the outside of your legs) are forced to work harder compared to a traditional lunge, which, over time, will lend more shape and desired tone to your legs. Simultaneously, your adductors (inner thighs) receive a good stretch, which, is always good for mobility and recovery purposes.

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Floating Lunch

The floating lunge combines the benefits of a traditional lunge and a reverse lunge because both exercises are part of a single repetition of this variation. Furthermore, when done safely and effectively, this lunge variation becomes a cardiovascular challenge, too, which helps you to burn even more calories compared to a traditional stationary lunge variation.



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